Opinions Wanted

I found some really gorgeous goodies that would be fantastic in my closet this summer. One problem, I've never ordered from SheInside, and I'm a little nervous about it. I'd love to hear your experiences, good or bad! Here is what I have waiting in my basket now.

 photo CaitlinSIG_zps0fd69cd7.png


  1. I have never ordered from there, but I do love those shorts!

  2. I have never ordered from SheInside before, but I have seen a lot of other bloggers that have gotten really cute things from there! Love those shorts and that romper!


  3. I've ordered two items before. It seems like it may be sorta hit or miss. One top was just an oversized striped "square shaped" top which seems fine quality for the price. It held up with two washes too. The other was a striped longer shirt/dress depending on height but it was a strange fabric and much more see through than shown on the website. Overall, I would probably buy from them again. Also check their shipping rules.. The email I got said something about only trying to deliver once and then it would go to the post annex - making me think I would need to be home to sign for it.. I can't recall but it was either left on the porch or in my mailbox so that was odd.


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