Red White & Blue

In honor of Fourth of July this Friday, I have planned several patriotic outfits to share with y'all. I absolutely love celebrating holidays, and this first outfit is one of my favorites for the 4th.  The best thing about this particular outfit is that it's not too overbearing and it doesn't scream "'MERICA!"It's also perfectly appropriate to wear in the office which is always a plus in my book.

fourth of july outfit

fourth of july outfit

fourth of july outfit

fourth of july outfit

Silk Cami | Factory J.Crew
Linen Skirt | Factory J.Crew
Bracelet | Similar
Star Spangled Bow | Forever 21

Take a Hike

Ok, I swear this is the last St. John dedicated post. Any day that begins with blueberry banana pancakes is bound to be a blast. These were absolutely delicious, I'm still dreaming about them.

We dropped the hubby off for a fly fishing charter and the rest of us took a hike to Solomon's beach Wednesday. Have you ever wanted a beach where you could do just about anything and no one is there to see you? That's how this little gem was. We saw a total of 6 people the four hours there.

Sun Bum chapstick was in all the stores down there and for good reason. I don't know of any other brand that has 30SPF and tastes delicious too! And I have yet to find a coconut water brand that compares to the real thing.

The rest of our week was spent swimming with turtles, rays, and admiring the local animals. I took way too many pictures, but I couldn't help myself.

Just chatting on the shell-phone, some calls are too important not to take. 

Remember that questionable parking job I told you about? Here is a pic from later in the week.

To say we enjoyed our time in the islands is an understatement. I can't wait to return (we may or may not have discussed investing in a sailboat eventually). I would highly recommend a trip down there, but beware that many of the "transplants/locals" in Cruz Bay are rather rude. The hospitality isn't nearly as great as in Harbour Island, Bahamas, but the views and beaches are unparalleled. Most of the people in Coral Bay were very friendly. It's a 20-30 minute drive through the mountains, but it was worth it for a great food and people. You also get a bit of a roller coaster ride on the drive. 

Jost Van Dyke

We took a trip to Jost Van Dyke on Tuesday to explore one of the most gorgeous islands in the BVI. The island is so fabulous in fact, Kenny Chesney filmed "No Shoes, No shirt, No Problem" right on the beach we had lunch at.

The Soggy Dollar Bar, you can't go very far without seeing Clemson. Next time we're bringing down some Carolina flags.

This little place is called Ivan's Stress Free Bar. Kenny is regular here, as in he was here two days before we visited. It's also the Ivan he's referring to in his song "Somewhere in the Sun."

And just when we thought we had arrived on cloud nine, we returned to our Jeep to find a bright shiny new accessory.

After a long day and a boot on our Jeep, we headed to Ocean Grill in Mongoose Junction for dinner. The atmosphere was lovely once we turned a fan our way.

We all ordered the Caribbean Lobster. It was delectable to say the least. There really is no comparison to Caribbean Lobster in my opinion. The mashed potatoes and balsamic reduction just added to the glory.

With our bellies full and the boot all but forgotten, we made the journey back to our house. But first we had to stop and drink in the sunset over Trunk Bay. 

Oppenheimer and Skinny Legs

Our second day in St. John, we absolutely had to find Oppenheimer beach. It has it's own story and drama behind it involving two families (one being Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb), but what I was searching for is it's infamous tire swing kindly added by a local in the past few years. This beach is also known as Gibney beach, and only has a few public spots for parking so we weren't sure if we would make it on the first try. Lucky for us, we were waking up around 6AM the entire time on the island (they don't do daylight savings time, so technically it was 7AM back home). We headed out early to search for a spot. After parking in a questionable location (backwards and uphill on a very steep incline in the tiniest cleared out space), we made the very short hike down to the most gorgeous beach I've ever seen. 

Victoria Secret Swim Suit (old) | Mr Kate Beauty Marks
Maaji Swimsuit | Mr Kate Beauty Marks

After taking an exorbitant amount of photos, we settled down to drink in the turquoise waters and ever-so-slight breeze. It was perfect as there is a nice amount of shade to keep you out of the sun, the waves were the perfect size for playing in, and it wasn't crowded later like a few of the other more popular beaches we explored. 

#conching (pronounced "Konkin')
After several hours at the beach, our bellies were telling us it was time for lunch so we headed into Cruz Bay to find a spot. We dined at the Sun Dog Cafe in Mongoose Junction. The food was pretty good, but the drinks were better; Ting Ting and Ting Tang.

They had their very own interesting and tasty take on Corn Chowder. I would definitely order it again. 

Our favorite dish was the quesadilla of the day. Boy was it amazing!  

I ordered an artichoke flatbread pizza which was nice, but I would have loved some white sauce on it. 

They also had a french country turnover that sounded good, but it wasn't my favorite. They stuffed it with beans and barbecue. I think it would have been better with something else, the pastry part was delicious but the barbecue added a different flavor. 

The shrimp vera cruz was also a great dish to try. Stuffed with shrimp, salsa, cheese and more it's worth the trip to the cafe to try it out. 

We shopped around Mongoose Junction for a little while before heading to another beach, Jumbie. The sand there was a bit coarse, and it wasn't as calm as Oppenheimer. One good thing about it was that it was not as crowded as some of the other beaches we visited.

We even found the perfect spot for a nap… 

That evening we traveled across the island to Skinny Legs for a good ol' cheeseburger. They had the World Cup on tv, so the boys were happy to stay awhile.  

Their burgers were absolutely huge and not to mention delicious. I definitely couldn't eat the whole thing, but I made a hearty attempt. 

If I haven't convinced you to take a trip down to St. John yet, stay tuned for more white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters!