Five on Friday


I'm linking up with the lovely ladies NatashaDarciChristina and April again for another Five on Friday. 

1. These Calligrapher Canape plates from Anthropologie. I love how they have them displayed on their site, but how cute would they be at a bridal shower? 

Calligrapher Canape Plate
2. This Scallop dress at J.Crew factory is seriously tempting me to break my 30 day remix plans. I've resisted buying this precious piece, but I don't know how much longer I can last! It is classically feminine and could be worn practically everywhere.

3. Remember that beautiful hair and makeup photo I swooned over here? I think this little barrette would do well in recreating the look. They also have a headband that I think is pretty great.
4. I only recently stumbled upon this wonderful blog and must admit I'm pretty obsessed. I've always adored the lovely ladies across the pond, and reading Rosie's blog makes me want to visit so much more. This girl is gorgeous, stylish, and seems to love food as much as I do. I think we would make jolly good friends (and our pups could be besties too).
5. This sunrise from my back yard {also posted on instagram}. I woke up early for no particular reason last Friday and was greeted with this gorgeous view. God is good!

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Have a lovely weekend!


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Sadly, we did not see much snow here yesterday, just a big heaping helping of ice. School was canceled and I spent my day studying for our first test in my Lululemon leggings and a comfy tee. The only thing that would have made it better is not having a test Thursday. I do have pictures from my other outfits this week.

Monday was actually pretty warm in these parts, and I took full advantage of it before the "Snow Storm" arrived. 

Shirt {J.Crew Factory} Skirt {Loft old} Scarf {J.Crew Factory old} Boots  {Corso Como}

It's still pretty cold here today so I opted for layers and pants. If you haven't noticed, I may have an obsession with navy and green. 

Blazer {Forever 21 old, similar}  Shirt {J.Crew Factory similar}  Pants {Loft similar} Flats {J.Crew Factory old}

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day for Him

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The first few months of the year are always so packed for the us. The husband's birthday is so close to Christmas it's often hard to find things for him, and this problem only gets worse when Valentine's Day comes around. In an attempt to be more prepared this year, I've put together a few things that I think any man would love for Valentine's Day.

Gifts for Him

What will you be getting your Valentine?

Target Cartwheel App


Have you heard of the Cartwheel app by Target? It's a free app that give you in store coupons directly on your phone. The coupons are updated weekly and give you discounts in every department. I've saved $22.60 {as noted in the lovely screenshot below} just by using the app! There is no paper to clip

The best part you ask? Those wonderful ColorBurst lip balms by Revlon I posted about here have a 10% coupon until February 2! So really there is no reason not to try them out! I'm going to pick up a few more colors and post a product review later this week. So hurry up and download the free app and start saving at everyone's favorite store!

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with the lovely ladies NatashaDarci, Christina and April again for another Five on Friday. 
1. Albion Fit: I've been on the Lululemon train for a while now, but I just happened upon this new brand and I like what I see. These leggings are so feminine and functional as well as a being slightly more budget-friendly than Lululemon.
{Petal Pant by Albion}

2. I love this print of Psalm 30:12. Reading it helps to put things into perspective and remind me to be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

3. I have fallen in love with this home. It never hurts to find some seriously gorgeous inspiration right? Follow the link below to see more gorgeous pictures from this house.
West Brook Interiors
4. Duolingo: This neat little app helps you learn languages on your phone or computer for free! I've heard it is similar to Rosetta Stone and uses picture association to help you learn the language of your choice. It has training games for five languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German! Y'all have got to check this out!

5. I bought four of these beauties at an antique store a few weeks back. They are the perfect storage and display for jewelry. I have one in the on the bedside table, one on my vanity, another in our guest bedroom, and I gave the last to a sweet classmate who is newly engaged. They are ideal for placing your rings on when applying lotion.

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Outfits of the Week

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First off I want to wish my sweet husband and a great friend of mine Happy Birthdays! We'll be celebrating tonight and probably through the weekend as our Monday test was moved to Thursday!


We have made it through another week { leaving 8 weeks left in the quarter, but who's counting?}, and I have my outfits from the week to share with you.

Day 4

Sweater {Olivia Moon at TJMaxx} Pants {J.Crew Factory} Flats {Old Navy old}

Day 5

Dress {Target} Boots {Corso Como} Belt {J.Crew Old} Tights {Target old} Scarf {TJMaxx}

Day 6

Top {several years old} Skirt {J.Crew Factory} Shoes {BCBGeneration}

Another cold front...

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Is it just me or does abnormally colder weather make us yearn for exotic beaches more than normal? We're supposed to have a low of 28 degrees tonight which means I'll be dreaming of tropical beaches tonight. And speaking of beaches how fabulous are these bikinis?

Which would you choose, splurge or steal?


Product Review: Benefit They're Real Mascara

I mentioned on Friday that Benefit's They're Real Mascara has creeped its way into my favorites. Let me explain: I have used the same mascara almost religiously since I can remember. I have ventured out a little bit when the "latest, greatest" mascara released, but I have never been impressed enough to make the switch permanent. The way I see it, Covergirl Lash Blast is only $7 and it works wealt Why change? So when it comes to They're Real, I was pretty skeptical to say the least. The first day I tried it, I didn't see too much of a difference as I have relatively long lashes. The main thing I yearn for is more volume and something that will last throughout the day. Day 2 I noticed my lashes seemed a bit thicker and longer. Day 3 I was hooked.

Lasts ALL day without smudging or flaking
Needs less coats for my desired look
Difficult to remove at night
I only found 1 color (Black) which is my preference {but may not be ideal for those who like brown mascaras}

Starts flaking near the end of the day
Easier to remove at night
Many colors {Brown-Blackest Black}

No makeup

 First coat:
CoverGirl Lash Blast                  Benefit They're Real

CoverGirl Lash Blast                  Benefit They're Real

Second Coat:
CoverGirl Lash Blast                  Benefit They're Real

CoverGirl Lash Blast                  Benefit They're Real

I'd love to hear your opinions, can you tell a difference?

Note: all opinions are my own, and I'm not getting reimbursed for this in any way.

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Five on Friday

Happy Friday and three day weekend! Today officially marks one week in the books! Woooo! I'm linking up with Darci for five random things that I'm just loving right now. 

1. Her hair, her headband, the whole shebang. 

2. They're Real Mascara from Benefit: I'm planning a product review for this one because I'm obsessed with it now.

3.  This quote. 

4. Revlon Colorburst Balm: I bought three of these a few months ago and have been playing around with them over the break. I'm hooked. 

5. Bourbon & Boweties's coin bracelets: I was not originally a fan of the big chunky stone bangles, but I am loving these coin ones. I only wish I could send them my coins I've collected and make it more personal. 

Happy Thursday

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Every year the older PA students are matched with a new PA student to help answer any questions they may have. This year it's my turn to help "mentor" a younger student. I put together a small  gift bag of a few knick knacks that would be useful for a student. Below is what I came up with.
Dog treats for her pooch, 2 small notepads perfect for fitting in a white coat, highlighters, Starburst, and pens.

I also have my Day 3 outfit, and today is my Friday!

Top {J.Crew Factory} Sweater {J.Crew Factory} Skirt {Other colors}