French Hen

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I've been dying to wear this french hen sweater from J.Crew Factory and what better way to brighten a gloomy day?

Sweater {J.Crew factory no longer listed online} Plaid Shirt {J.Crew last year} Skirt {J.Crew Factory}


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This weekend I travelled home to my parents' and helped my little sister and her friend decorate a gingerbread house. We went all out and made sure that our house lacked nothing. We made Santa and his sleigh, five reindeer, a choo chop train for under the tree, and tons of other decorations. It turned out so well!

The next day I took advantage of the leaves that had fallen and snapped some pictures of our sweet pooches.
Atticus {My sister's Doberman}
{as seen on isntagram}
Berkley {as seen on instagram}

My favorite pair of earrings from Kate Spade
That's all I've got for today!

Christmas list {part 1}

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It's always so hard not to purchase things for yourself around the holidays. There are so many great deals and things you think you need! I've put together a few of my favorite things that I would love to have under our tree.
Christmas 2
Vest {J.Crew} Earrings {Kate Spade} Bow Bracelet {Kate Spade at ShopBop} Boots {Frye} Purse {Kate Spade}  Jacket {Joules} Monogram Earrings {Nordstrom} Fox Sweater {Joules}

Test apparel

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Here is my outfit for today, which also happens to be test day. Wish me luck!

Sweater {Last year J.Crew} Pants {J.Crew Factory} Scarf {similar}

Plaid Days

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Wednesdays are a little more relaxed most weeks. Our classes don't start until 12:30 unless you are scheduled for your quarterly Applied Learning Experience in which case you head to the clinic at 8:00. My ALE isn't scheduled until after Thanksgiving which allows me to spend my Wednesday morning catching up on studying or running errands. Today I've chosen a more relaxed outfit so I can get a little more comfortable as I huddle in my Starbucks study spot and look over chest radiographs and CTs while enjoying a warm peppermint mocha. I can't get enough of the holiday cups!

Summer Weather is back

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for now. After temps dipped below 60 for several days, they came back to a warm and humid 80 this week! Weather like this calls for a light and breezy outfit and this is one of my all-time favorites
Skirt {Victoria's Secret} Shirt {J.Crew Factory}

OSCE day

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Our class has our standardized patient event today and this is the lucky outfit I've chosen.
Shirt {J.Crew Factory no longer listed} Skirt {J.Crew last year}

Wish us luck!

The weather outside is frightful

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We've had a cold front blow through bringing us mid-day temperatures of a frigid 50 degrees. While most people are unhappy with this, I was thrilled because it allowed me to break out a rare beauty, my J.Crew wool coat. I paired it with some herringbone pants a simple black top for school today. 
Coat {similar} Pants {J.Crew Factory no longer online} Top {TJMaxx}

I'm ok with the weather staying cold as long as I can keep wearing my coat!

Halloween Recap

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This quarter our schedule has us in small groups on Mondays meaning we have to wear scrubs. So I decided to do a peak at our Halloween costumes last Thursday. Luckily our program allowed us to dress up for Halloween. Our only rules where that it couldn't be "sexy." I went as a grey fox, somewhat honoring the well-known "What does the fox say" video that went viral recently. 

Fox makeup

Wolf, hunter, and fox

Wolf, flamingo, and fox

I went on the safe side and nixed the leggings I had planned to wear later that night for a pair of dress pants. I woke up pretty early to do my makeup considering we also had a test that morning.

A girl can do anything

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PA school can be a difficult transition for many reasons. You give up 99% of your social life and free time to study medicine. If you're in a program like mine, you also give up half of your wardrobe as it is not professionally acceptable. Toss those jeans, see ya later mini skirts, and break out the pencil skirts and dress pants. But don't you fret, you can still be stylish even with dress code restrictions. 

My personal program rules:
No nail polish (nude or natural is acceptable most days)
No jeans (colored or not)
No flip flops (Jack Rogers are an exception)
No capris, ankle pants are acceptable as long as they touch the ankle
along with a few others that aren't ever enforced (one specifies how many pieces of jewelry you can wear, seriously)

I am so excited to inform you that I start rotations in April, and I've already finished over half of didactic year. So grab your favorite set of pearls and your Littmann Cardiology III and follow along as I traverse the last months of didactic and enter into clinicals!