A girl can do anything

PA school can be a difficult transition for many reasons. You give up 99% of your social life and free time to study medicine. If you're in a program like mine, you also give up half of your wardrobe as it is not professionally acceptable. Toss those jeans, see ya later mini skirts, and break out the pencil skirts and dress pants. But don't you fret, you can still be stylish even with dress code restrictions. 

My personal program rules:
No nail polish (nude or natural is acceptable most days)
No jeans (colored or not)
No flip flops (Jack Rogers are an exception)
No capris, ankle pants are acceptable as long as they touch the ankle
along with a few others that aren't ever enforced (one specifies how many pieces of jewelry you can wear, seriously)

I am so excited to inform you that I start rotations in April, and I've already finished over half of didactic year. So grab your favorite set of pearls and your Littmann Cardiology III and follow along as I traverse the last months of didactic and enter into clinicals!

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