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First off, if you've made it here you've overcome a huge obstacle seeing as I changed the blog name and URL (thanks for sticking it out with me). 
Second, I've shown you all the makings of a well-stocked kitchen in terms of baking, but what about everything else? "What do I need for soups, and actual dinners?!" you ask. Well not to worry, below I have what I consider to be a pretty thorough list for everything else. What do you use in your kitchen on a daily basis?

Stay Tuned

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You may have noticed a few subtle changes to the blog recently. I'm happy to announce that I am in the works of changing the name. I have been deliberating about it for some time (way back here) and have finally found a designer that will assist me. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to switch over so if anyone has any suggestions, please share! The new link is


Green + Tartan

green skinny jeans
green skinny jeans
tartan scarf
plaid scarf tartan
plaid checked tartan scarf
plaid tartan scarf
tartan scarf
tartan scarftartan scarf
I don't think I could be more excited about the chilly weather we've been having lately. It gives me a chance to break out the wonderful finds that have been hiding in my closet. The pants are new from Teal in Charleston, but the rest has been in my closet for several weeks. The scarf is much like the coveted Zara scarf from last year, but this one is from ASOS (here, and another here). I jumped at the chance to buy in fear that it would sell out too quickly. 
Shop the look

Moon & Lola

I was so excited to be invited to a Blogger's Night Out in Charleston at Moon & Lola. I headed to the Holy City early Tuesday morning and had lunch with one of my favorite friends. Heads up to any ladies looking for a new hair stylist, she's about to open her own little salon! I'll be heading up there myself once she opens in a few weeks, and I'll let y'all know all about it. 

I wandered around my favorite city to explore. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I hadn't been back there in almost 7 months! We wandered in and out of the shops on King catching up on life in between...

It was so exciting to see the Fall window displays, especially with the nip in the air and dreary skies.

I also found a fabulous antique store with a table to die for. 

These big chunky legs are perfect in every way. I am bound and determined to get one of these soon.

After several hours of shopping and eating, it was time for me to meet some of the bloggers in the Charleston Bog Society. We chatted about everything under the sun while munching on cookies, sipping wine, and browsing the lovely baubles. 

I can't wait to style the pretty little things I purchased, but until then here are some pictures of the items they carry.

These earrings were some of my favorites, and the best part is you can customize them in every way! Color, font, rubbing, size, whatever your little heart desires!

I tried on this gorgeous dress that one of the sales associates was wearing, I almost pulled the trigger until my sister told me it made me look a little frumpy. I left that night thinking I had done the right thing, but today I'm not so sure...

Thanks again to the sweet ladies at Moon & Lola as well as the Charleston Blog Society for hosting such a fun get together! I can't wait to see we'll do next month!

The Well Stocked Kitchen | Baking

Have you ever got a hankering to bake something only to find out you don't have one or two ingredients you need? This happened to me over the weekend. It's one of the things I miss about living at my parents' house. My mom has probably the best stocked kitchen in the world. The only time she didn't have what you needed was if it were some very obscure spice, and even then it's probably there if you search hard enough. I racked my brain thinking about all the things I typically use and came up with a few lists. The first is for baking and desserts, something I absolutely love to do when I'm not swamped with tests or tons of work.

Weekend Wanderings

We had a fabulously uneventful weekend. Friday we visited the in-laws for a delicious dinner, and most of Saturday was spent trying to fix our well pump. Let me tell you, waking up to a house without water is dreadful. I ran a few errands early in the morning thinking that no one I knew would see me (unshowered and disheveled) that early in the morning. Thankfully, I didn't run into a single person I knew, or maybe they just didn't recognize the beast that I was… 

After only 8 or so hours (and cooking with bottled water), the pump was fixed! Hooray! We had friends over Saturday night to watch college football, and I'm very happy that both of my teams won (Carolina and Florida State).

Sunday was completely relaxing, until we went wading on the marsh. The views are breathtaking, but the bugs are the devil.

willamette valley riesling

And if you're lucky, or highly skilled, you might just catch a scaly friend.

beaufort sc marsh

beaufort sc marsh redfish

beaufort sc marsh redfish

He was a little larger than the keeper limit, so we let him swim free.

On our way back to the boat, Jared spotted something in the distance.

And landed the fish like a boss.

Naturally we celebrate great catches with a delicious bottle of wine.
beaufort sc sunset wine and fishing

beaufort sc sunset

All in all, we had a fantastic weekend. The only thing that would have made it better was some fresh redfish filets pan seared to perfection. Maybe next weekend…