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I was so excited to be invited to a Blogger's Night Out in Charleston at Moon & Lola. I headed to the Holy City early Tuesday morning and had lunch with one of my favorite friends. Heads up to any ladies looking for a new hair stylist, she's about to open her own little salon! I'll be heading up there myself once she opens in a few weeks, and I'll let y'all know all about it. 

I wandered around my favorite city to explore. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I hadn't been back there in almost 7 months! We wandered in and out of the shops on King catching up on life in between...

It was so exciting to see the Fall window displays, especially with the nip in the air and dreary skies.

I also found a fabulous antique store with a table to die for. 

These big chunky legs are perfect in every way. I am bound and determined to get one of these soon.

After several hours of shopping and eating, it was time for me to meet some of the bloggers in the Charleston Bog Society. We chatted about everything under the sun while munching on cookies, sipping wine, and browsing the lovely baubles. 

I can't wait to style the pretty little things I purchased, but until then here are some pictures of the items they carry.

These earrings were some of my favorites, and the best part is you can customize them in every way! Color, font, rubbing, size, whatever your little heart desires!

I tried on this gorgeous dress that one of the sales associates was wearing, I almost pulled the trigger until my sister told me it made me look a little frumpy. I left that night thinking I had done the right thing, but today I'm not so sure...

Thanks again to the sweet ladies at Moon & Lola as well as the Charleston Blog Society for hosting such a fun get together! I can't wait to see we'll do next month!


  1. I absolutely love boutiques that have a little bit of everything!! Looks like it was a great event! I don't think that dress made you look frumpy at all!

  2. Oh i think you looked SO cute in that dress!

  3. This stored looks so adorable - I especially love those mugs!

  4. So cute!! We need a store like that where I live. That's so fun that ya'll have a blog society too.

  5. THE CUTEST store! Looks like so much fun! That dress makes you look great!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  6. I tried on the denim dress at Gap too and thought the same thing...."a little frumpy". I tried the plaid on flannel version and loved it. I will be posting it on my blog this week.


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