Scotland : Inverness and Skye

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We arrived in Inverness and picked up our rental car that evening. After several nerve-wracking minutes adjusting to driving on the opposite side of the road we were on our way to our next hotel and adventure. Our first full day in Inverness was spent east of Inverness putting around Nairn. We ate at a lovely cafe before our tee time. Before you ask, no I'm not a golfer, but it was still pretty fun. 

The hot chocolate at this cafe was quite literally the best I had ever had. It was perfectly chocolatey and rich, but not too sweet to make you sick. I could have drank 4 of them.

We truly experienced the Scottish weather this trip but none more than when we were in the highlands. One minute it was sunny and lightly breezy, the next it was drizzling and windy enough to blow you over.

After a long and treacherous 18 holes, we tried to squeeze in a whisky tour before heading back to our dinner reservations. Unfortunately their website said they stayed open until 5, but they took the last tour at 4 so we did not get to see the inside of the distillery.

The next day we were up bright and early to head over to a place of which I've only dreamed. It has been on my bucket list for too many years to count and to be honest I didn't sleep much from excitement.

We made a quick pit stop on our journey to see the Loch Ness Castle. That too was closed when we were there. In all honestly we were never more aware of how much Americans are workaholics than on this trip. It seemed as though nothing was open before 10 or after 5. The good news is we still we able to see the castle, just not up close.

We were also lucky enough to see ol Nessie! Just kidding!

We popped in to Eilean Donan Castle and were not disappointed with the gorgeous landscape surrounding it. The castle is featured in several movies over the last 20 years or so and we could easily see why.

After a couple of hours, a few detours and hundreds of mountains and valleys we finally made it to our destination, Skye.

As we left the Fairy Pools we finally spotted the sought after Highland cow. Her name was Daisy and she was adorable.

We dropped into the main town in Skye, Portree, for a mini shopping trip and the best fish and chips ever. Seriously, they were the absolute best. 

One last photo before we made it back to Inverness, I could have stayed there all night if not for the chilly weather. We even saw some deer way across the river.

All in all I'm pretty sure I left a piece of my heart in Scotland. There is truly something magical in the mountains and valleys that you cannot grasp without seeing with your own eyes. Never have I been to so many different places that gave me goosebumps just by their sheer enormity and splendor. God outdid himself in this lovely country.

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