Jost Van Dyke

We took a trip to Jost Van Dyke on Tuesday to explore one of the most gorgeous islands in the BVI. The island is so fabulous in fact, Kenny Chesney filmed "No Shoes, No shirt, No Problem" right on the beach we had lunch at.

The Soggy Dollar Bar, you can't go very far without seeing Clemson. Next time we're bringing down some Carolina flags.

This little place is called Ivan's Stress Free Bar. Kenny is regular here, as in he was here two days before we visited. It's also the Ivan he's referring to in his song "Somewhere in the Sun."

And just when we thought we had arrived on cloud nine, we returned to our Jeep to find a bright shiny new accessory.

After a long day and a boot on our Jeep, we headed to Ocean Grill in Mongoose Junction for dinner. The atmosphere was lovely once we turned a fan our way.

We all ordered the Caribbean Lobster. It was delectable to say the least. There really is no comparison to Caribbean Lobster in my opinion. The mashed potatoes and balsamic reduction just added to the glory.

With our bellies full and the boot all but forgotten, we made the journey back to our house. But first we had to stop and drink in the sunset over Trunk Bay. 


  1. That lobster looks amazing!! I'm sure all the seafood was out of this world. xo

  2. I cannot get over just how beautiful these pictures are. You're not helping my wanderlust!


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