Five on Friday

Travel Photography Tips | Am I the only one who feels like they never capture all the excitement from their travels? Well here are some great tips to help those of us who aren't very photography savvy.

Low Cal Breakfast Recipes | Beach season is coming. That means it's time to start consciously making better decisions in the morning. I'm usually not that bad, I love some greek yogurt and it helps you stay full longer. I plan on looking into a few more of these recipes for when I want to switch it up.

This Restaurant | I'm literally counting the days until I visit this place! But more on that next week!

This Romper | These vibrant colors and exotic pattern are perfect for the sunny days ahead! Just when you think it can't get any better, a little peep of open back!

This maxi | This is the epitome of beach chic. There's just something about it that reminds me of some of the great flowy dresses on Game of Thrones. This is obviously better because it's blue!

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  1. Happy Friday, Caitlin!! Looking forward to hearing more about the restaurant that you're anticipating your visit to. ;) Cute romper and maxi! Off to check out those breakfast recipes ... thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous weekend! xo

  2. Oh, I love that maxi! Beyond beautiful! Happy Weekend Girly! :)

  3. Hey there, and happy Friday! I found your blog through the 5 on Friday link-up and added you to my reader. Hurrah! I'm going to be starting med school this summer, so I can't wait to read about your PA school adventures. Also, that post about photography tips is great! Thanks for sharing it.:)

    Hope that you have a great weekend!

  4. Okay -- are you reading my mind today? Yes to the travel photography. I just mentioned to my mom that I need healthy, low-cal breakfast options. Oh, and I'm beyond obsessed with rompers at the moment. Also -- that maxi is gorgeous!
    Happy Friday!

  5. I've done the bagel and cream cheese/tomato breakfast and it's delicious and filling, too! Love that romper...I think I may have to take the plunge and try one this summer, I've always been too nervous! Also love the GoT reference :)

  6. I was just saying in a previous blog of mine how I wish I had taken more photos of our most recent vacation. We have a ton of the little on vacay, but none of the scenery and surroundings!!

    visiting from the 5 on friday linkup
    stop by:

  7. Just stopping by from the linkup - cracking up over your blog name! So cute!!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  8. Love the travel tips and the healthy eating! Yay for the weekend - enjoy it!

  9. That maxi really is perfect for the beach - I love it. and thanks for the travel photography tip link!

  10. I love that romper! The travel photography tips is exactly what I need.


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