Weekend recap

I was happy to spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing. I had a half day at the clinic and headed home afterward to relax. For dinner we headed to Vineyard 55 for some flatbread pizzas. I've never been a big fan of pizza, but I sure do love their Mediterranean. After dinner we went for drinks nearby and retired early.

We headed to yoga early Saturday morning, and I spent much of the day reading in the sunshine. Saturday night we dined at my favorite Mexican place. Afterwards we took these pictures on the dock.

Dumbledore used to love lying on the dock with me, but for some reason he's pretty mortified of it now. Jared decided to carry him all the way. No cats were harmed in the making of this post.

Once he was there, he seemed pretty content, as long as the dogs didn't bother him.

Sunday started with the hardest yoga workout ever, followed by some french bakery breakfast, and more reading in the sun. At least my outfit was pretty.

Sweater | Factory J.Crew
Shorts | Factory J.Crew


  1. Also had a weekend of doing nothing, isn't it nice?!

  2. How I long for a weekend of doing nothing....jealous!

  3. Ahh how fabulous is it that you are so close to the water!

  4. Looks and sounds like the perfect weekend...one that I need ASAP!! There is something so calming when by the water...one of my favorite places to be! Thanks so much for your sweet comment today!! :)

  5. Love your outfit Caitlin! And your kitten is the cutest- I love his name :)


  6. Your cat is adorable! Spending the afternoon reading in the sun is one of my favourite things about summer. Hopefully we get some summer weather soon!


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