Egdar's Grille

Edgar's Grille is a tapas restaurant in Augusta with a "southern flair." Not only is the place delicious, but a portion of every dollar spent at Edgar's goes towards job training and education. It was named after Edgar Helms, the founder of Goodwill industries.

We started dinner with a fantastic She Crab Soup. Jared and I are pretty picky about this soup, but it was surprisingly one of my favorites.

My younger sister ordered the bacon potato leek soup. I personally like my potato soup creamy and without chunks of potatoes. This soup is everything I love in one bowl. I could have been absolutely content with a bowl of it and she crab for dinner. 

After the soups, we ordered something we never have before, rabbit. Fried rabbit that is. These tenders were marinated in buttermilk and served with tasso ham gravy. It was some of the most tender meat I've ever eaten, and boy was it tasty!

For my entree I ordered the rack of lamb. Sadly the best part of this dish was the cumin glazed carrots, turnips, and brussel sprouts. The lamb itself was a little insipid. My brother-in-law enjoyed his though so I may been being picky. The vegetables served with it were very good though, so it was ok. 

It was finally time to move on to my favorite part of any meal, dessert!

It was an easy choice for me, creme brûlée with a hint of orange.

My sister went out on a limb and ordered the balsamic infused frozen mousse. It has the most unique flavor that I find hard to describe as anything short of delectable. I imagined it would be somewhat tangy, like balsamic vinegar, but was surprisingly wrong! All I can say about this is try it! I'm actually craving some right now.

Next time you're in Augusta, head on over to Edgar's for a meal and enjoy some fine cuisine while doing a little good for others. 

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