Easter Weekend

We had such a lovely Easter weekend. Saturday we headed to Augusta to shop a bit since it was such a dreary day. 

My sister and I often get each other's opinion on clothing. What do you do when you can't shop together? It looks a little something like this...

Saturday evening my sisters, brother, and brother-in-law ate dinner with some of our friends who live in the area. We dined at Edgar's in Augusta. I can't wait to dedicate a whole post to that tomorrow, but for now you can have this teaser.

Sunday morning we woke an celebrated the resurrection of Jesus! What a happy day! Even the sun decided to come out from hiding!

For those of you without siblings, let me give a bit of an idea how it typically goes on holidays… It starts out nice enough and ends with someone getting bitten.

Then, of course, we make up and end on a happy note (we're missing two brothers in this picture, but it's one of the most complete ones we've taken in a little while).

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and was able to spend it with the ones they love!
 photo CaitlinSIG_zps0fd69cd7.png


  1. I love that flamingo bikini top!! And you have a beautiful family!! It must have been so much fun to grow up with so many brothers and sisters!!

  2. Precious pics! Looks like such a happy Eater! xx

  3. The flamingo top! Where is it from?? Looks like a wonderful Easter weekend!

  4. Love your bikinis!! Looks like y'all had a good Easter :)


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