Sweater Dress Weather

One thing every girl needs in her closet is a sweater dress. It doesn't matter what color, they are simply a necessity in unpredictable fall weather. I've paired this one with my tartan blanket scarf. The weather isn't quite cold, but there is definitely a nip in the air.

Perfectly Coutured


  1. What a great Fall look! I just bought a scarf that looks exactly the same (at Target, believe it or not!) and I am just waiting for the temperatures to get cool enough here for me to wear it.

  2. Absolutely love this combo! I agree that sweater dresses are a definite must, but it's difficult to find a good one that fits well. This shade and shape is perfect on you!

  3. I sold the only sweater dress I had last year and I'm so mad about it now!! I love the color of yours!! xo

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I am loving the colors!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  5. Great outfit! I can't wait to rock my sweater dress (almost in the same colour shade as yours). A little too warm to be wearing one right now (in New Delhi). Also love the Speedy (looks like 30?). I've got a monogram Speedy 30 and love using it.

    Visiting from the link-up!

  6. Perfect fall outfit! Where did you find your sweater dress? I love the color.


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