Mountain Escape

We took a last minute trip to the mountains in North Carolina this weekend. All the dogs came along with us. We arrived late at night, so we headed straight to bed. That next morning, we loaded up and went exploring the valleys. 

After picking up some mid-morning snacks from the Mast General Store, we soaked in the colors of the changing leaves surrounding us.

While searching for fresh picked apples, we came across Tow-Mater. He had a little boogie, so I assisted him.

We found countless pumpkins, all of which I wished I had room for.

Then we hit the proverbial pot of gold-en apples. Well, the one below is a tasty Honey Crisp, but the ones we left with were more golden green. Have you ever tried a Candy Crisp Apple? They were so good, we went back the next day to buy a whole bushel.

After lunch in the little town of Blowing Rock, we scooped up the animals and made our way to the Boone Fork Trail. We let the dogs do what they do best…

And we found a few things of our own to explore.
Berkley was clearly unimpressed by our climbing skills.

After a few hours of hiking and play, we returned to the house to get ready for dinner.
Someone was rather unhappy he wasn't included in our dinner reservations.
But he cheered up when we put him in charge of the other two pups roaming the house.

We had reservations at a newer restaurant named Roots. It's rather tiny but filled to the brim with charm. Oh, and the food was smashing good. 

The bartender was kind enough to create a Fall themed drink just for me. It's a shame I never got the recipe as it was rather tasty but not too sweet. 

After mulling over the menu, we made our choices and awaited our delicacies.
The soup was perfectly Autumn themed with squash and pumpkin together. Sadly it's the only food I documented due to flowing drinks and conversation, but trust me this place is good.
That next morning my mother-in-law and I perused the shops of downtown Blowing Rock. While we were shopping, we met the most beautiful couple. 

That evening, the boys were sweet enough to cook dinner for us while we went a grabbed a few things we didn't know we needed from the stores downtown. 

We were sad to see the weekend end, but we enjoyed the beautiful weather to its fullest. 

We're pretty excited to return for New Year's, but until then I'll enjoy this view as my background.
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  1. Love your weekend! I am seeing all of these fun weekend mountain getaways and I am itching to go myself! Ps. Love your scarf - I have it on right now!! Make sure to stop by Virginia Sweet for a great giveaway today! xoxo!

  2. What a perfect weekend - I haven't ever had a mountain escape but now I need one in my life!! I'm loving that zipper vest with the cute!

  3. Such a fun weekend!! Love your plaid scarf and your cute quilted vest! I'm always intrigued by a yummy festive martini too. Looks delicious.

  4. What a fun weekend - that view is beautiful!! Mountain getaways are my favorite!! I love your outfits & that drink looks fantastic! Excited to start following along!

  5. I love your vest! Can you tell me where you got it? Thanks!


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