What's In My Bag + Giveaway Winner

Today is the first day of my first rotation! Luckily I'm in Family Practice so I can kind of ease my way into the "real world" unlike some who are starting in the ER. Yikes! Anyways, I'll be busy seeing patients all day long instead of in and out of classes now. I also wanted to share a few things that I can't live without in my bag.

1. Kate Spade Wallet | A girl has to keep her money in something
2. Daily Log | I have to keep all the things I have organized somewhere
3. Pens | We're supposed to keep at least two pens on us at all times, the pink one is just for fun.
4. Michael Kors Sunnies | Thankfully Spring has brought plenty of sun to use these in.
5. Coin Purse | I don't like keeping my change in my other wallet.
6. TokyoMilk Dark Lip Balm | This is balm is straight from heaven, especially the La Vie en la Rose.
7. Tortoise Barrette | This is so helpful in taming the wild beast that is sometimes my hair.
8. Kiehl's Lip Balm | It's the perfect gloss for a night out.
9. Pre de Provence Hand Cream | It contains 20% shea butter and is a nice drink for over washed hands  like those that work in healthcare.

I'm also excited to announce the winner of the Kate Spade Mini Bow studs! Thanks to everyone who entered. Hopefully I'll have another surprise for y'all soon!

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  1. Good luck on your first day!! Ahhh that is so exciting :)

  2. I have that same bag but in the "bone" color and I love it! Have a great first day!

  3. Love the planner and the wallet! Good luck today!


  4. That purse is so pretty! What a great minty color!


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