Thai-ed up

I've had this post written for a few weeks and just found it again. I figure it will hold you over while i adjust to my new schedule.
I have found a new favorite restaurant in Savannah. After reading about my favorite blogger's trip to Thailand a few weeks ago, the place has been on my mind lately; but being that I'm in school for another year, I'm obviously not getting a chance to head over there any time soon. So when my friends suggested getting Thai for dinner I couldn't turn them down. The fact that I lost my keys had nothing to do with it {except that we had some time to kill as the hubs drove the hour long trek to rescue me with the spare}. We hopped over to a little Thai restaurant near our school called The King and I. I haven't had Thai food in at least 2 years as my husband doesn't usually try new foods. I am so happy my friends introduced me to this amazing place! They both ordered Pad Thai and I tried Panang Curry.

Panang Curry

Pad Thai
It was so much food I had more than enough for lunch and dinner the next day. The price wasn't bad either, less than $15 with tip! Next time you find yourself in Savannah with a hankering for Thai food, check them out. I promise they won't disappoint! I'll surely be heading back there during my next on-campus week.


  1. I've always wanted to try Thai food, but never have. This looks great! Too bad my fiance doesn't like trying new stuff either! :)

  2. I was always really hesitant to try to Thai food for some reason but a co-worker convinced me to try out a little Thai place with her one day at lunch and I absolutely loved it. I'm addicted to pad thai now!


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