Tapas at Emily's

This weekend we headed to a lovely tapas restaurant in Beaufort, SC. We've been in love with this place for a while, but we haven't visited this year yet. We rounded up a big group of friends and dined on some delicious plates.

Pate Maison | pate de fois gras served with capers, unions, cornichons, & dijon mustard. 
My favorite combo was with onions and mustard on a crisp wafer.

French Cut Lamb Chops | grilled lamb chops over mint demi glaze
This was by far my most favorite tapas of the evening. We've decided that we're ordering the lamb entree next time because it was so good.

Grilled Quail | European marinated quail over béarnaise sauce
This one used to be one of my favorites and has increasing moved down the list. I'm not sure if my expectations are so high or if it just isn't the same quality as it was before. It was good, but I'll think twice about ordering it next time.

Key Lime Pie | homemade key lime pie with whipped cream
This pie melted in your mouth. I have to confess that it was so good, I did not share with the group. I could eat this any meal of the day and be perfectly content.

Next time you're in Beaufort, check out this little spot. You may want to try to call ahead, they tend to get pretty busy on the weekends!

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