Kendra's night at the Palms

The beautiful Kendra Thornton, mother of three, contacted me about participating in her Night Out challenge for her trip to Las Vegas, but I'll let her tell you more about it:

Every busy mom deserves a time to let loose and feel like a million bucks. As a mother of three, I don't often get the chance to get dolled up and feel glamorous. Plus, as I am 40-years-old, sometimes I feel like different looks are either way too young or way too matronly for me. This is why I need help and why I created Kendra's Fashion Challenge. I need some guidance on what to wear during my glamorous and exciting night out at the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas.
Specifically, I need some help on deciding what to wear to the Scarlet Bar. The Scarlet Bar isn't some giant, loud nightclub. Rather, it's the perfect place for someone like me. It's a tiny, intimate but elegant bar that features hand-crafted cocktails and an exclusive, glamorous lounge setting. The right outfit for a place like this definitely wouldn't be some sequined club dress, but rather something more mysterious. I don't want to feel like a mom of three who's trying to look like a 21-year-old, but rather an elegant and sophisticated woman. Think "old Hollywood."

Las Vegas is the perfect place to let loose and get away from it all, but you can't enjoy it if you don't have the right outfit. I attempted to pair my outfits with the different areas I was going to visit and used Gogobot’s reviews to research the Las Vegas hotels and attractions. The city of sin is known for its glitzy and daring style, but for where I'm going, I need something that's fashionable and elegant but not over-the-top. Will it be a little black dress paired with a stunning pair of printed heels? Or should I be a little more daring and wear something in a bold color or design? This night won't be perfect unless I have the perfect outfit, so help me to choose the best ensemble for my glamorous evening at the Scarlet Bar.
So taking that information, here is the outfit that I planned for her, a chic, fun, and stylish outfit to enjoy Sin City.

Night in Vegas

My take on her trip is a sleek and classy black dress paired with some of my favorite heels of the season. Add a tortoise clutch and few bits of edgy jewelry and there you have it! I'd love to hear what you'd wear on a night out in Vegas!

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