Product Review: St. Morzi Instant Self Tanning Mousse

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Today I'm linking up with Nancy, for The Glam Series: self tanner. Somewhere on Pinterest I came across a list of great self tanners. Being in PA school and hoping to end up in Dermatology or Plastics I feel as though I should be more of a sunscreen advocate. In hopes of trying to find a safe alternative, I purchased the St. Moriz tanner on Amazon as it is a UK brand.

The St Moriz is foam application, which I was a little wary of at first. First I exfoliated with a dry brush, then I applied my regular lotion taking extra care to hit my dry areas {knees, ankles, elbows}. After I applied the lotion, I waited about ten minutes or so before applying the St Moriz foam. My first impression was "good thing I didn't waste too much money." I thought for sure that I would have some major streaks even after blending everything I could because the foam tends to dry quickly leaving anything unblended blatantly obvious. The upside was that I could tell it was not an orange undertone, it was pure bronze and that gave me hope. After allowing it all to dry fully, I jumped in my jammies and headed to bed hoping I wouldn't look like a zebra in the morning. 

The next morning I hopped out of bed ready to rinse off and see what had become of it all. I was very pleasantly surprised to find absolutely no streaks, anywhere! Even my back, which we all know can be very difficult reaching and blending everything. I am absolutely sold on it now despite the foam bit. Maybe one day they'll make an aerosol version and it would be perfection, until then I'm happy to use what I have. Overall I will definitely be using this tanner in the future, it gave a nice warm glow to my very pale legs without looking too fake. 

Before                                              After

What do you think? Will you be trying this out, if not what are your favorite self tanners? 

*Disclosure: All opinions are my own, I'm not being reimbursed for this post. 


  1. So glad you posted this! My mind has been on self tanners with the warm weather coming (hopefully) soon! I've tried a few foams and spray tans, but I will definitely look into getting this one! Yay for no streaks! :)

  2. This looks amazing! Your legs are so tan and it isn't streaky at all. I use one of those lotions you apply every day and it never really gives me any color. I may have to try this instead!


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