Five on Friday

Friday has arrived and I for one am happy happy happy! Time for Five on Friday, so let's get rollin'!

Starbucks: I was tagged or sent at least four different Starbucks memes this week. It's safe to say I'm addicted, and everyone knows it. And because I'm such a loyal customer, I currently have two free drinks waiting for me on my gold card.

Skreened T-shirts

Lydia Cutout Loafers: I have my eye on these beauties. They would look great with practically everything I own, and look like they'd be awfully comfortable for my rotations.

St Moriz Self Tanner (medium): I finally tried this amazing mousse tanner. No need to bake in those harmful UV rays anymore! It is infinitely better than the Neutrogena gradual tanner I've been using.

St Moriz Tanner

As I said in this post earlier this week, I'm on the hunt for new hair inspiration. I've really been thinking of getting the body wave, but until I decide I'm envying these two gorgeous ladies' hair. Obviously women named Kate have fabulous hair, maybe I should change a few letters in my name…

K. Beckinsale | Kate Middleton

I think this is such a perfect reminder. I think we all get caught up in work or school and need to take a second to remember why we do what we do.


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  1. Two drinks on your gold card?? I'm so jealous! And number 5 is a great reminder…especially after the week I've had. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Ugh god I wish I went to Starbucks more... it is literally my "breakfast at tiffanys". Happy to be a new follower here!

    Tattered to Taylored

  3. Oh of the yummiest little luxury of life, right?! Go get yourself one of your freebie drinks and toast yourself to a happy friday :) Xx.

  4. Love that last quote!!!! And Sbux is my forever favorite. My blood type. Ha! Yes. I love it. Amen. :)

  5. Love those shoes!!! So perfect for spring. Where did you get the tanner? I have been looking for something that won't leave me streaky and orange.

  6. Thanks for the self tanner recommendation! I'm thinking of trying one this Spring. Does the St. Moriz have a bad smell? I've read that some self tanners do, but I'd prefer one that works well and doesn't smell horrible.

  7. Girl, I hear you on the Starbucks lovin'! Those loafers are so adorable (perfect for spring) and I NEED to try that self tanner! I was just thinking about shopping around in preparation for spring, so you sharing this is perfect timing! Happy Friday! xo

  8. Stopping by from the link up and I am LOVING that tee shirt! Starbucks addicts for life!! Gold card and proud ;)

  9. Those flats are too cute! Happy Friday!

  10. I'm always on the lookout for a great self tanner! i definitely have to look this one up!

  11. Haha I just took a picture of that t-shirt and sent it to my friend - I think that sums me up perfectly!

  12. Haha but really...I'm with you on the Starbucks. I'm all the time wishing they delivered. And Ioving the Kates' hair. If only mine looked like that!
    xo Happy Friday!

  13. Those loafers are fabulous... I need them!!

    Happy Friday, pretty lady! xo

  14. found you via the link up :) I always, always take a pic of kate beckinsale with me whenever I have my hair done. girl is flawless. and I am glad you referenced that tanner! I need a new go-to, so I'm excited!! thanks! have a great weekend! ;)

  15. haha! It's funny that everyone knows how much you like starbucks these days!! Those shoes are pretty cute!


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