Run Disney

One of the reasons I've neglected this little blog was a decision one of my best friends and I made many years ago. Both of us being huge Disney fans, we've long discussed the idea of completing the Disney Princess Half Marathon together. Since I am finally finished with school, the 2016 race was perfect since it would give me time to get into half marathon shape. Back in April, I started the intermediate half marathon training plan on my favorite running app, Runkeeper. I can't tell you how great this app is not to mention how easy to follow the training plan is. 

My current plan ends the first week of October, and I plan to start another that will kick it up a notch and put me in the best shape for the race in February. I'd love to hear from y'all about any race day or training tips you have! If you're on Runkeeper, find me here to keep up with my workouts, I'm always looking for more buddies to help motivate me!

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