Popping in to say Hi

Well hello there friends! In case you were wondering, I am alive! I have finally completed my last rotation ever! It certainly wasn't a walk in the park either. At one point I was at the hospital 12 days in a row for 26 out of 48 hours! To say I'm exhausted would be an understatement, but the silver lining is that the next time I will see a patient will be as a PA-C! The next three and a half weeks will be spent learning every last tidbit I can before taking my boards. Any prayers you could spare for our class would be fantastic. This is it for us! The biggest test of our career (until we recertify in 10 years). I'd love to promise a few more posts in the coming weeks, but it's not likely. I hope y'all can bare with me throughout this next month, I've got some great posts planned for after my boards! Think sun, sand, and turquoise blue waters... That is what is currently motivating me to get through it all!



  1. OMG girl I'm so excited for you!! I remember when you first started clinicals… you're gonna rock that PANCE!! xo

  2. This picture looks incredible- makes me ready for summer vacay!! Hope your test goes well!!

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