Life lately

I've been rather busy lately on my elective rotation. I bounce around between dermatology, medical spa, and plastic surgery. Once I make it home, all I really feel like doing is sitting down and not thinking about anything, hence no blogging. I have finally put together some photos from my recent escapades... 
Girls day in Charleston

Supper at Cannon Green

Our evening ended with a few shenanigans in the back porch/wedding venue area. I highly recommend checking this place out for weddings in Charleston.

We also celebrated Jared's birthday a few days ago. We went to the fabulous Bluffton Room which has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in Bluffton. I highly recommend it but beware it's not a cheap dinner. It's great for special occasions or celebrations. We're still waiting for the warmer weather to appear before trying their lunch menu on the front patio.

I've been wearing mostly scrubs on my rotation, so I don't have any outfit posts to share, but I do that this unbelievable sunrise from Friday morning. Enjoy!


  1. That sunset is gorgeous. Looks like you had a great weekend.

  2. Love you and your friends outfits for your girls day! loving collared shirts and sweaters! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  3. Well, I'm with you on the being busy part… and the scrubs all day part. But please tell me more about this derm/med spa rotation- sound heavenly! I'm interested in derm and hoping to have that as one of my electives as well :)

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