Stop the Presses...

Barbour has released their new watch collection. How am I just finding out about this? I know I shouldn't be surprised seeing as fashionable timepieces have become very popular recently, but I guess I'm more taken aback by how long it has taken for them to release their own timepieces. All that time waiting was well worth it. There are at least 5 watches I would love have in my collection, and a few I think Jared would enjoy. It'd be a great surprise for those of y'all looking for a last minute gift!

My favorites of what I've seen so far:
Men | Beacon



Women | Lisle


Finlay (I'm quite partial to this one)

These are the two websites that have the best and biggest selection: Shadestation and Beaverbrooks. Don't wait around too long, these gorgeous pieces are selling quickly!


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