If you can't find it...

Have you ever gotten an idea of something you need in your wardrobe but can't find it anywhere? Well that happened to me a few weeks ago. I was on a serious hunt for a big, chunky cream cowl neck scarf that wouldn't cost a fortune. I wanted it to look like the one Claire wore on the show Outlander

So I decided I would buy the yarn and knit it myself. It only took a few days (bits of time throughout) and voila! I have a scarf! It's incredibly warm and chunky as ever. I'm not going to lie, I was rather surprised at how it turned out being my first knitting project. 

Oh, and I highly recommend you try this show out. It has a great story line and is almost as good as Game of Thrones!

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  1. Girl- you did an amazing job, the scarf looks awesome!! And love the outfit as well, very festive :)

  2. Holy crap - I can't believe you knitted that yourself - great job! Super cute outfit!! I love that you belted your vest - really great idea and makes it look even more dressed up!!

  3. i wish i had your knitting talent! that's awesome! and such a cute outfit!


  4. I love the layering you have here. Your knitted scarf is fabulous. My friend knitted one for me last year as I just don't have the patience! I love how you've added a belt over your puffer belt. You look great.


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