Grandma's Turkey Stuffing

One of the biggest things I look forward to about Thanksgiving is my grandma's stuffing. It's the best stuffing I've ever had, and I've been practicing her "recipe." My grandma is the one who taught me how to cook most things, and we share the tendency to not use actual recipes. I suppose it runs in the family. She did give me her recipe, mind you there's very little measuring included. 

The first part of making the stuffing is baking corn bread.  

Once the cornbread is made, you are ready to start the remainder of the stuffing. 

Once you've sufficiently dirtied your hands with the stuffing goodness, you're ready to start loading it into the turkey. My grandma told me to "stuff it to the brim!" Don't leave any nook or cranny unstuffed. My favorite thing about stuffing is that it absorbs the turkey flavoring while it cooks, so don't miss any spaces!

Now your turkey is full of tasty stuffing, wrap it tightly in heavy duty tin foil. Grandma says this keeps all the flavors in tight and helps them meld together better than loose or open wrapping. Once the turkey has cooked the allotted time, open the foil and allow it to brown for 10-15 minutes.

All you need now is the sides to complete your Thanksgiving Supper! I'd love to hear how yours turns out if you try the recipe! 

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  1. I love that you have such a special family recipe! My grandma's stuffing was always my favorite part of Thanksgiving, so now my mom and I make it together each year to remember her :)

  2. Girl this looks incredible and even more special because it's your grandmother's recipe!!

  3. Okay girl! Now that you made my start drooling.......! I am so hungry! I can't wait for Thanksgiving dinner, and this post makes the anticipation even greater! I love that you make your stuffing with cornbread! I do the same thing and it takes the dish to a whole nother level. Thanks for sharing and for joining Celebrate Southern this week!

  4. Oh man! This all looks so great!! I am making thanksgiving dinner for my family and the hubs' family!! I may try this for stuffing this year!! Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks for joining the Celebrate Southern Linkup! I am pinning this terrific post to our official pin board! Cheers!

  5. Yumm!!! This is how my grandmother makes it too - Yours looks so incredible!

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