Blog Birthday

Today marks one year at my little space on the internet! Today also marks the first day of my general surgery rotation. I'm not sure which one I'm more excited about, but I think the birthday calls for a cupcake celebration!

This blog started as a place to share my school outfits as well as other life events. As such, I originally named it With Pearls & a Stethoscope. Over the year, I changed as did my little blog.

The current name was inspired by a couple things. I've always been enamored by foxes. They're beautiful, dainty animals who are also very clever (I was a fox for Halloween last year). Fetching is an adjective that describes someone appropriately well dressed but also captivating and charming. Together it is an inspiration on how to live, dress, play daily, whether in the medical profession or not!



  1. Happy one year!!!! Cheers to many more love!

  2. Happy 1 year! Hope you're around for lots more!

  3. Happy blogiversary and hope you had a great first day!!!

  4. EEEK sorry I missed this but happy belated first blogiversary and hope your first week went great!! xo


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