View from my lens

My little noodlhead, unfortunately he rolled in something rather smelly after this. Three baths later, we had to use drastic measures and his fluff is all but gone. 

The only thing I am enjoying about my current rotation is the location. I'm situated right in the heart of Savannah and am finding so many lovely things. Oh and this little coffee shop I adore is also a favorite of a pretty famous fellow who's town for a bit, Channing Tatum. I haven't seen him there yet, and didn't even know we shared the same taste in coffee, but I found it rather interesting.

There's nothing like fabulous fall decor in the heart of the historic district.

There's even a fabulous cafe serving french food to-go. Their macarons are almost as good as Laduree.
I just love this shop's logo. Of course anything fox related is fine by me. 

 I met a small, dark, and handsome chap on Saturday. He's a bit young for me, but isn't he dashing?
southern puppy style

Here's to another week! Only 28 days until my next rotation!

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