Sephora + Pantone

I may have been living under a rock the last year, but I just found out that Sephora and Pantone have teamed up to bring you your perfect match for practically any brand of makeup. I had planned on taking my little sister to get her color matched for her first makeup, but I also needed to get a lighter color for myself for fall. I've filled out my Sephora Beauty Insider profile long ago, but this is a little different. It asks you questions about your skin and what your major concerns are, for myself I answered dry skin and fine lines. They then take this handheld contraption that takes a picture of your skin in pitch darkness. It allows them to focus on skin physiology instead of the other lighting factors that often interfere with picking good colors. (Read more about it here)

The results were absolutely amazing. I was really nervous when she told me the bareMinerals bareSkin was several shades lighter than the shade I currently have, but I couldn't be more ecstatic with the results. Not only did it tell me my bareMinerals shades, but it also gave me tons of shades in other brands for me. If you haven't been, I encourage you to go and get matched (even if you think you know what color you are). It was so spot on, my older sister went to get matched on Sunday. Here's a taste of what it looks like.


  1. I want to get matched too! So sweet that you took your little sister for her first makeup!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  2. The color IQ sounds so cool - I have to do this before I get foundation in the next few weeks!

  3. What?! I have never heard of this either until now! This is so cool! I will definitely have to check it out before I get a new foundation!

    <3 Shannon

  4. That is so neat!! I am going to have to try it next time I need foundation.

  5. That's awesome! I haven't seen this at my local Sephora, but I need to go check it out! This seems to be very accurate!

  6. I've done this over several seasons, and I love it! It really takes the guess work out of picking out a foundation. And I love how close the matches are to actual skin color!

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget


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