Whirlwind Weekend

Just as I was about to settle down on Friday evening, the hubs realized he mixed up wedding dates for a friend of ours. We were planning on heading to the Emerald Coast this coming Friday, but it just so happens we were supposed to be there there last Friday. Ooops. Seeing as it's a 8 hour drive, we turned to his dad to see if he could fly us down there. He really is a saint. We headed up and out early Saturday morning. We even had a few hours to spare, so we explored a little bit of Destin and Santa Rosa.

We headed to the closest seafood restaurant for lunch. It was delicious, especially the lobster bites and they went so well with a tall bloody mary.

Santa Rosa Beach is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the US. I'm very upset we got the dates wrong and didn't get to spend the whole weekend there.

summer in lilly maxi #summerinlilly

The cafe the reception was held at was perfectly cozy, but it was really hot. I guess that's what you get in the middle of the summer in Florida.

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We had planned on flying back Saturday evening, but a cluster of thunderstorms just wouldn't let us leave. It's a good thing they didn't seeing as we went to eat at Ruth's Chris. It may sound strange to order chicken at a steak house, but it was the best chicken I've ever eaten. Even the boys agreed, it was just as good, if not better, than their steaks. The fact that it was all brought out on a 500º plate so your food stays warm as you eat it made it that much better. See the sizzle?!

We had some heavenly chocolate desserts to end the night on a fantastic note: Molten cake + Chocolate creme brûlée. I will be dreaming of this meal for weeks! 

We flew out early Sunday morning so we could get back in time for the hubs to watch the PGA championship and cheer for Rickie in the PGA Championship.


  1. Wow, you FIL has a plane, that's amazing! Gorgeous dress and that beach is so pretty!! Sometimes I forget that beaches in the US can be just as pretty as the Caribbean.

  2. That bloody Mary looks delish and wow that beach ceremony set up is beautiful. Stopping by to say hi from the Weekending linkup.

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