Weekend Recap

This weekend was just what I needed. It was spent leisurely ambling about Beaufort and Bluffton. The early mornings were spent on the couch watching the Harry Potter marathon. There is nothing better when it's gloomy and stormy outside. Luckily the late afternoon burned the clouds away so we could enjoy an evening on the water. 
A photo shoot on the boat would be incomplete without the classic prom pose. 

We eventually arrived at our destination, Skull Creak Boathouse, for dinner and drinks. Someone had the bright idea to order the "souvenir" cup.

So naturally we shared.

By the time our food arrived, I was rather full. But not to worry, I took one for the team and dove into my Tuna Rice Bowl which happened to be delicious.

We stayed and chatted with friends and family, it truly is a small world. I only wish it hadn't ended so quickly. I've since headed back to my parents for the week, but lookie what I found on the way.

Here's to another week! Let's hope it passes swiftly. 


  1. Great post with stunning pictures. I love watching Harry Potter movies too! I've never done a marathon during a cloudy day though. That sounds amazing.

  2. Any weekend that involves time on a boat sounds perfect to me - have a great week!

  3. I love that Lilly romper on you! This looks like such a fun weekend :)


  4. A weekend involving water is a win in my book! I love your boat pictures!

  5. I need to plan a weekend on the boat this summer... this photos make me miss it! Visiting from Weekending linkup!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  6. aren't the marathons the best? I have all the movies, why do I love it when they are on tv?
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  7. haha! harry potter marathon + boat rides + prom poses = dream weekend.


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