Red Hot

I'm not sure if it's just the clothing I have up at my parents, but I've been noticing a great deal of red in my closet lately. Until about a year ago, I think I only owned one or two red items. It seems as though it's place in my wardrobe is only growing, and I don't quite mind it. 

Stay tuned for more on this amazing cup next week.

Get the look: 

Cup | Yeti


  1. I love red, and I have added more too. You look great, love it paired with the pinstriped top
    from the link up
    , please stop by, jess

  2. I love red but don't have a lot of red clothing items in my wardrobe. I really need to add a few.


  3. Love this look! Cute blog!


  4. Love coloured trousers! Your red ones goe so well with your pinstripe shirt. A great look!


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