Carry-on Essentials

In 8 days I'll be headed to the fabulous U.S. Virgin Islands. We're leaving the day after I finish my gynecology rotation which is the perfect way to celebrate finishing my least favorite specialty. All I can think about is packing my bags. The biggest thing I consider when packing is my essentials if my checked bag gets lost or delayed. Here are the things I couldn't live without out.

Carry-on Essentials

Floppy Sun Hat | Toting a big floppy hat is so much easier in your carry-on than in your checked bag. Not only will you have it as soon as you land, it won't get smashed or bent. A big 'ol hat is a great way to keep the UV rays off your face while looking chic at the same time. My current dilemma is which hat to choose.

SPF Lipbalm | This Dior balm is perfect for a hint of pink with the added benefit of SPF 10. This one also contains a plumping effect as well as moisturizer.

Mascara | If I had only three options of makeup for the rest of my life, this mascara would be one of them. It's not perfectly waterproof for swimming, but it holds up pretty well.

Foundation | bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation has recently become my go-to foundation. It is great for dry skin like mine and contains a sunscreen which is essential at the beach. It offers an easily buildable coverage that looks 100% natural. I'm also in love with their brush made specially for this foundation. This is the second makeup item I couldn't live without.

Blush | NARS blush is my favorite way to add a punch of pink to my cheeks. This is the last makeup item I couldn't live without.

Sunnies | I can't get enough of my Michael Kors Camilla sunnies. They have the slightest cat-eye and go with any outfit, especially bikinis.

Bikini | It only makes sense to pack a bikini in your carry-on when headed to a tropical island, or that's what I believe. Worse comes to worst at least I'll have my bikini. The rest doesn't matter quite so much.

Passport | This Kate Spade passport cover is the perfect match to my bag I have. What better way to carry your necessity than in this fabulous cover.

Camera | This one is a no-brainer. I plan on documenting our trip with thousands of pictures.

Reading Material | I have a few magazines I've been neglecting lately, but I'll remedy that on the flight down there. I'll also be bringing my study guides to prepare for the tests we have the following week.

What do you pack in your carry-on? What couldn't you live without on vacation?


  1. That's definitely the best way to look at it -what can you not live without if your bag got lost!! I always make sure to pack all my jewelry with me as well! and if it's a Caribbean trip - then i pack an extra maxi dress just in case!

  2. I too love Nars blush and wear it in Orgasm... It's the perfect bit of goldish and pink.

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  4. What a fabulous sun hat! I love it!
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  5. I love your black bikini with the scallop edging. I would definitely pack a kindle!!


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