I'm back!

As you may have noticed, I got a little busy last week and slacked a bit on the blogging side of things. You'll be happy to know I'm back! I started my second rotation last Monday and now feel as though I'm into a good routine again. I've got another romper to share with you later this week and just know you're going to love it! And for those of you wondering what I've been doing with myself outside of the clinic, here is a peek at my weekend…

Friday night concert night…As you can tell, we were having a great time.

Saturday started with some daiquiris and bloody mary or two. 

Then it was off to watch the boys golf. Here he chipped it over the bathrooms and onto the green. It was pretty impressive. I wish I had gotten the whole shot!

Sunday we headed to our favorite sandwich place in Beaufort. We all ordered two sandwiches, just for good measure.

After lunch it was off to the farm to pick up the puppies from their grandparents. We took a peak at the animals and even found time to pick a peach or two. 

We ended the weekend catching up on Game of Thrones an homework. If only it could have lasted a day or so longer!


  1. I had a long weekend and I wish mind could have lasted longer too. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

  2. Wow, that looks like a busy but very fun weekend!

  3. My husband loves Grouchos....it is a must stop everytime we are in South Carolina! You have been up to sooo much fun!

  4. Loved seeing all your photos this weekend on instagram!! Looks like it was such a fun trip!


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