Weekend Update

This weekend was so rejuvenating for me! I woke up early on Saturday morning and attended the Yoga Playground class. It was an hour and a half worth of serious workout. They heat the room to about 85, and boy does it make you feel like you're working so much harder! I'm not sure I've ever sweated that much. It felt so good though, and immediately after I was bound and determined to eat more clean.

Saturday evening, we headed to the Justin Moore concert at one of the military bases in Beaufort. It wasn't the best concert we've been to. We never knew who was on stage because they never announced their names, and they ran out of wine an hour in. On the bright side, Justin Moore made a heartfelt speech to the men of service. It was pretty special. 

No wine? I'll take an ice cream cone please.

Sunday was spent relaxing on the dock. I started it out with a delicious strawberry breakfast. Good start to the clean eating right? Too bad we had Mexican for lunch. I did redeem myself a bit by having some yummy quail and asparagus for dinner. I even skipped the rice! 

Now that the weekend is over, it's time to start week two of family practice! 

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  1. I used to do hot yoga and I promoted it to be the hardest workout ever. I just felt like fainting because of the heat! The best part, I guess, is being more mindful of how you live, what you eat, just so not to take the workout for granted. :-)



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