Sperry Takes Over

I'm not sure we've formally met, but what better day than my birthday? You did get me a gift right? I guess I can forgive you this time, but next year I'd love a nice squeaky toy that I can promptly tear up.  I'm Sperry and I'm a mini poodle. My mom was sweet enough to throw a mini celebration just for me this morning, new Target party hats included (regardless of how much I hate them). She means well. 

Naturally I shook the silly hat off, morning pictures aren't my thing.

I thought it was pretty funny, but mom thought otherwise.

Oh look, she put the party hat on again. At least this time she let me open my pressies!

Which one to tear apart first? Decisions, decisions...

I'm off to play with my gifts! Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out Target's new Oh Joy! party gear  for your next birthday party! While you're out, maybe pop into the pet shop and grab a little something for your fur friend.


  1. so cute!!! I have puppy fever so bad and this little cutie is not helping it!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sperry!! Aren't you the cutest?! Hope you're having fun with your new toys!! (:

  3. Happy Birthday, Sperry! My doggy Kolby & I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  4. I have always celebrated my pets birthdays! When I was 8 I celebrated my parakeet's birthday we had a "Happy Bird-day!" haha Love that others celebrate their furbabies bdays! xo

  5. Sperry is adorable! I can only imagine how much she would love playing with my puppy! Too cute! - Lauren at southernembrace.blogspot.com


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