Scenes from the weekend

My older sister and her husband came to visit this weekend and celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary. Friday night we finally tried a restaurant called Neo in Bluffton. Neo is a farm to table restaurant in which 90% of the food they serve was grown within 90 miles.

The happy couple, they've been together for 11 years, and married for 4.

Their drink menu was one of my favorites. They had so many fun names and varieties.

Here we have one of their custom libations. This one tasted like licorice, but sadly I've forgotten the name.

I ordered the Spring Flowers and boy was it a good decision. I'll be recreating this one in the future weeks.

They also had a huge selection of draft beer. I've never acquired the taste for it, but from what I've heard they had several good ones on tap. 

They had a delicious Blue Crab + Corn Chowder Soup. It was so good, I couldn't share. They also had a barbecue nacho appetizer that was to die for. 

These were the Angry Tuna Lettuce Wraps. I didn't try them myself, but judging that she cleaned  the plate I'm betting they were pretty good.

I ordered the BBQ free range salad and it did not disappoint. I'm not really a fan of corn on my salad, but everything else about it was perfect. It's drizzled with a BBQ vinaigrette, I'm dying to find a similar dressing. 

The other dishes ordered were flatbread pizza, shrimp and lobster succotash, and BBQ spareribs. All in all the food was really great.

The rest of the weekend was filled with shopping, relaxation, and food. We headed to a spa in Lady's Island and were pampered with hour long massages.

Sunday afternoon, after our guests left we had a wild hair to work on the yard a bit. I've always been a fan of gardens and had already started mine a few weeks back. We headed to Home Depot to pick up a few things so we could get to work. I've also tested some of the pins I've found on Pinterest and am pleased to say that they really work.

1. Growing celery (or romaine) from what you buy in the store. This one has been soaking on our porch for about 2 weeks in water. I decided it was big enough to plant along with it's two friends.

2. Homemade week killer from vinegar, Dawn, and salt. I pinned a recipe for half a gallon but didn't have a spray bottle that big. I took my tiny little laundry spray bottle and poured some white vinegar, a dash of Dawn, and some salt into it. This worked in 2 days on dandelion weeds, but didn't do much for other ones. 

After working in the yard and on the garden, I've gotten an itch to clean the house top to bottom. Good thing I have a week off from school to accomplish all that needs to be done! I'm thinking of posting a tour of our home when I'm done. What do you think?


  1. Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to your sister and her husband!! Time with family, delicious eats, shopping, and a massage -- could a weekend get any better?! ;) Glad it was a fabulous one!


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