Mixing Fabrics

If you know anything about me you probably already know I love the color navy. It takes up a huge proportion of my closet, but I think that's ok because it's a great color for anyone. One thing I haven't yet embraced is mixing prints, I'm still on the fence on whether I want to try or not. I do however love mixing fabrics, I guess I'm just more of a texture person. My favorite is wool + silk. Here is how I styled my silk blouse with wool pants for a chilly day last week.

Top | TJMaxx Philosophy Brand, similar, also loving these colors
Pants | Loft , similar, similar
Flats | J.Crew old but currently coveting these

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  1. really cute outfit post! I love stumbling upon other health care providers! xoxo
    ~Amanda~ Meet @ the Barre

  2. Looks great...I love pattern mixing, but I think it works best when you mix a subtle pattern with a bold one. Two bold patterns can compete with each other!

  3. You should go for it...start small...like dots and stripes!! It's fun and helps remix more of your closet!! :) Once you do it once, you will never look back! Promise!!

  4. HI there :) I just came across your blog and am your newest follower so I thought I should say hi and introduce myself! I am a navy-holic too. I love the color so much that I have to tell myself to step away in stores so that I'll buy something new and not navy. ha. Anyways, hope you'll hop over to my blog and follow along with me too in south FL.
    Christina McGuire

    The McGuire Family


  5. Come linkup to the Thursday Takover...the theme is NAVY and this outfit would be perfect!
    Linkup HERE!!

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas

  6. Thanks for linking up! Such a cute look!
    xo Kate


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