Organizing your new year

I have a thing for school supplies, particularly anything that helps me get my life and mind organized. Every new year I begin the search for a great planner, as of yet I haven't found one that I love everything about. Enter Mochi Things.
I actually found 5 planners that I adored, and the hard part then became which one to purchase.

1. Bebe Planner: this planner comes in several great colors, and includes both monthly, and weekly planning pages as well as 6 world maps to track your travels.

2. Daily Log 2014: I chose to purchase this book because of it is the perfect size to carry in my purse, or pop into my white coat pocket if need be. It features 13 months and 116 pages of weekly schedules. It also had some of the better color choices for me. 

3. Mini Petit a Petit planner: This precious planner is complete with a world map, 116 weekly planning pages, 26 pages of money planning, as well as Parisian illustrations to start your month off. I really liked this planner, but wasn't sure I wanted the extra pages if I ended up carrying it in my white coat.

4. Petit a Petit planner v4: This planner was actually my first choice. First off, I loved the simple Parisian decor (much like the one above), but what really sold me was the size. This planner is just a tad larger than the one I actually purchased, but features a nice binding that I really loved.The only major difference between the Petit a Petit above was it's size. Unfortunately, the colors in this one were almost all sold out, and as of now it is completely sold out. 

5. Paris Scheduler v2: I obviously have a thing for Paris, as yet another Paris planner was a contender. This planner has what seemed like the most pages for planning your year. It comes with 24 pages for months, and 120 pages for weekly planning. This little beauty also comes with a plastic {the call PVC} cover to protect it from the elements. 

Mochi Things also has stickers and pens to use in your new planner. I may or may not have perused their site for a few hours. I just can't help myself around new school supplies! And on top of their huge selection and already good prices, they are having a New Year's sale until the 5th giving anywhere from 10-25% off. 
{All opinions are my own and I am not being reimbursed for this post}

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