Craigslist Makeover

I am a crafty person. I love to make things or paint things. I've been searching and searching for a bookshelf for a long time now. Now, I don't ever really look at Craigslist, but I ran out of things to search on the internet in one of my least favorite classes and found this beauty for $50.

Well maybe it wasn't beautiful yet, but I had a vision, and after debating about whether it's owner would be a Craigslist killer, we decided to bring it home. It sat for a few days until I finally decided on a color over Thanksgiving and got to work.

After a few days of researching the best top coat, it turned into this.

Behr : Venetian Pearl {1 cup}
Plaster of Paris {2.5 tbs}
Water {1.5 tbs}

Mix the plaster of paris and water first. I used a spray bottle to add water until it was the consistency somewhat of shampoo. Add the mix to the paint and stir then paint away! I will note I painted the first coat with a roller. I also use the roller for the second coat but brushed over it with a paint brush to add texture.

After the paint was dry I used Rustoleum Finishing Glaze and painted each side with a brush. After each panel was painted, I used old t-shirts to wipe it off until it was the desired color I wanted. I then let it dry and voila! The only thing left to do is find some really great drawer pulls. Any suggestions?

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